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Fall 2006
Spring 2006 Series

Spring 2006 Series
Fall 2006 Series

The Vets Invade the Plains, 1946-1949

Original Lecture Date and Time: May 4, 2006 at 4PM
Location: Special Collections & Archives, Ralph Brown Draughon Library
Speaker: David Alsobrook

About the Speaker

David Alsobrook recieved his Ph.D. degree in history from Auburn University and currently serves as director of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

About the Lecture

Following World War II, returning veterans swamped American colleges and universities by taking advantage of the provisions of the GI Bill. Auburn University was no exception. Enrollments swelled, placing demands upon faculty, administration, and facilities that stretched resources to the limit and beyond. Despite some predictions to the contrary, former service personnel became leaders in academic achievement. They also dominated extracurricular activities. Furthermore, returning GI's possessed a measure of life experiences far exceeding those of the traditional student. Auburn University- and American higher education- would never be the same again.

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