Auburn's football team
Date: ca. 1892 Size: 470x363 pixels
Shouts of "Rah, rah, ree, Alabama AMC" may have inspired Auburn to a muddy 10-0 victory over the University of Georgia in the Deep South's first major intercollegiate football game, played February 20, 1892, before a crowd estimated at 2,000 in Atlanta's Piedmont Park.  Georgia had "tuned up for the contest by clobbering Mercer, 50-0, January 20," Jesse Outlar wrote in Between the Hedges.  Auburn refused to be intimidated by Georgia's touted blocking or by the splendid Tally Ho -- the horse-and-buggy equivalent of a Rolls Royce -- decked out in Georgia's colors.  Members of the squad, left to right, front row: Clifford Le Roy Hare, Professor Charles H. Barnwell, Dorsey, Richard Billup Going, Lupton.  Second row: Robert Mailard Stevens, H.H. Smith, Henry T. Debardeleben, Professor Anthony Foster McKissick, Culver, Alexander Dowling McLennan.  Third row: Walter Evan Richards, Arnold Whitfield Herren, Seaborn Jesse Buckalwe, Francis Marshall Boykin, George William Dantzler, Union Anderson Culbreath, George Y. McRae, Eugene Hamilton Graves, Raleigh Williams Greene, David Edwin Wilson, Charles Henry Smith.  Back row: Professor George F. Atkinson, Bob"Sponsor" Frazier (mascot), Petrie.
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