Women's basketball team
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Margaret "Cutie" Brown (holding ball) led the API women's basketball team to its third consecutive undefeated season in 1924.  She ran, shot and dribbled well enough to have played on the men's varsity, a teammate later recalled.  In fact, the women occasionally scrimmaged the men for fun and scored baskets even though they didn't win.  The one referee at games with other women's teams tended to let the action get rough at Alumni Gym.  But the Auburn women didn't wilt because they were strong from walking everywhere in an era of few cars on campus.  From left, after Cutie Brown, were Margaret Lane, Marye Tamplin, Ethel Price, Ruby Powell, Elizabeth Young, Olive Gibbons, and their coach, ROTC Lieutenant R.D. Ingalls.  API's first women's basketball team played in 1915, according to the Glomerata.
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