"War Eagle Special"
Date: 1939 Size: 470x334 pixels
Camaraderie flourished aboard this passenger train, a War Eagle Special taking Auburn fans to Atlanta for the 1939 Georgia Tech football game.  Elizabeth "Lib" Harwell and husband-to-be Jack Dunlop, a Delta Sigma Phi fraternity member, are the first couple seated at left.  They later were longtime operators of Dunlop & Harwell real estate in Auburn.  Other Delta Sigs in the coach include Freddie Bass, foreground, with a hand on his chin; Bert Simpson, sitting on the arm of a seat and facing the Dunlops; and Roger Hamil, to the left rear of Simpson with his hand on his hat.  Riding a War Eagle Special to a game in Birmingham or Atlanta: It didn't get much better than that!
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