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Fall 2006
Spring 2006 Series

Spring 2006 Series
Fall 2006 Series

About The Series - Spring 2006

Spring 2006

Auburn in the Civil War Era: 1853 to 1871
In 1856 the state legislature chartered the Eat Alabama Male College (later Auburn University), but the school did not open until three years later, on the eve of the ..... (read more)

A Land Grant College comes to Auburn
Following the Civil War, alabama took advantage of the provision of the Morrill Act, which encouraged the establishment of a land grant college in .....(read more)

Women at Auburn University
In 1892 the land grant college at Auburn admitted its first three women students. The female enrollment rose from 18 in 1920 to 198 ten years later. It almost doubled..... (read more)

Auburn vs. Alabama: the Political Rivalry
The rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama began long before either school fielded an intercollegiate football team. Tuscaloosa and Auburn.....(read more)

The Vets Invade the Plains, 1945-1949
Following World War II, returning veterans swamped American colleges and universities by taking advantage of the provisions of the GI bill. Auburn University.....(read more)