Springville Comprehensive Plan

“The Comprehensive Plan will illustrate and provide an overall strategy for how Springville intends to shape itself over time. The city is preparing this plan as a guide to making decisions regarding land use, development, zoning and capital improvements.”

Haleyville Downtown Plan

“This Phase II Revitalization Plan for Downtown Haleyville is a guide to physical improvements recommended to the City of Haleyville to support revitalization and development of the downtown area as the heart of the community. In this work, the consultant has built upon the results of the Phase I Revitalization Plan for Downtown Haleyville.”

East Gadsden Redevelopment Plan

“The consultant was asked to engage the East Gadsden community in preparation of a redevelopment plan for the East Broad/Hoke Street Corridors of Gadsden, Alabama. The philosophy guiding the redevelopment planning process was to build an overall redevelopment strategy that would take advantage of opportunities based on the significant physical, social, economic and political assets.”

Homewood, AL Master Plan

“Homewood has, over the years, made itself into an attractive and desirable place that continues to draw more and more pressure for private investment every year. Unless the public investment and commitment that has created this place could somehow be reversed, such pressures will continue.”